White Tears is Now Trending on TikTok

Yet another trend sweeping TikTok that is facing outrage from the Black community.
By Najla Alexander
White Tears is Now Trending on TikTok
Photo: Dazed

The trend is an acting challenge of sorts where the creator starts off the video full-on crying then when the eerily beat drops they just stop completely and smirk at the camera. The video ending there and the screen goes black.

New white tears trend on TikTok Photo: Nylon

Internet star, Hannah Stocking who is known for her funny videos involving skits hopped on this trend. Hannah Stocking became the center of outrage from this trend, due to her video gaining so many likes and views in such a short amount of time.  The trend took off and became popular with mostly white TikTok creators trying to see if they can also complete this challenge. All in order to see if they are able to use this found “skill” in everyday scenarios. In the acting industry, the quick change of emotions is considered a very useful skill when performing, but this trend is one where that is definitely not the case.


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Why Would be a Crying Trend be so Offensive?

The trend is not something the Black community finds to be a funny and cute challenge to do. This particular challenge is seen as weaponizing white women’s tears as a form of manipulation and coercion to get what they want in life. The outrage from the Black community comes from where white women would weaponize their tears to manipulate young Black men, which ended up getting them killed. For example, Emmett Till was a young Black boy who was only 14 years old at the time. Till was ultimately chased, beaten, and lynched for “offending” a young white woman in 1955 outside of a grocery store. All because this young white woman exaggerated their interaction knowing the reaction the people around would have to a young Black boy even saying a simple sentence to a young white woman.


#stitch with @hannahstocking Stop it. Think before you do this “trend.” Because you are putting people in danger. #antiracist #whitewomantears

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This society was built on racism and prejudice against anyone who doesn’t have a fair skin complexion. Using every manipulation and coercion tactic to make sure it is known for Black people are seen as less than, even if that means getting them killed for something they did not do. All throughout history white women weaponizing tears have caused so many deaths and massacres, so this trend is not only disturbing but very offensive to the Black community.