Why Fox News Let Long Time Host Tucker Carlson Go

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson parted ways with the controversial network this morning. While Fox thanked him for his time with the network, executives declined to specify a reason for his firing. Carlson’s departure comes after a series of controversial choices in his hosting career. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy handed Carlson the January 6, 2021 security tapes, and he proceeded to allegedly manipulate the footage, claiming that the Capitol Insurrection was a “peaceful tourist visit.”

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA – APRIL 02: A billboard put up by progressive activist group MoveOn that read “I Hate [Trump] Passionately – Tucker Carlson” is seen along I-95 on April 3, 2023 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Trump traveled to New York City today with an expected arraignment tomorrow at a Manhattan courthouse following his indictment by a grand jury. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Shortly after the divisive programming aired, Carlson found himself at the center of a lawsuit, revealing to his widely conservative leaning base that he may not be as conservative as viewers once thought. Dominion Voting Systems sued the channel for defamation, and text messages revealed that Carlson intentionally spread misinformation. Additionally, the host criticized the media giant’s management decisions, saying via text that “these f*ckers are ruining our credibility.” It is likely that the recent bombshells exposed by the lawsuit resulted in Carlson’s termination.

Dominion also alleged that hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham knowingly spread misinformation about the 2020 presidential election. Just before the trial would have began, Fox opted to abruptly settle the suit for 787.5 million dollars.

Internet Reactions

Many social media users were surprised at today’s major news industry terminations. Don Lemon of CNN was also terminated from his role at the network today. Notably, Lemon predominantly expressed left-leaning views on his prior program “Don Lemon Tonight” while Carlson notoriously professed bombastic right-leaning claims. How such opposite hosts could find themselves in the same exact situation on the same day is shocking the masses.

Some speculate that Fox will change up their programming to avoid further misinformation lawsuits. Carlson’s largely conservative base has expressed losing trust in the network, moving towards the more far-right Newsmax. Despite Carlson’s newly revealed “hatred” of GOP former President Donald Trump, fans of the host are hoping that he moves to Newsmax.


Meanwhile, critics of Fox and Carlson are acknowledging that the lawsuit has likely alienated Carlson from further right-leaning hosting opportunities. Additionally, Dominion Voting Systems is currently pursuing a lawsuit against Newsmax similar to the case the company brought against Fox.

The termination could mark a new era of mass media cracking down on the spread of misinformation. Carlson’s final Fox News programming aired on April 21, and the host will reportedly not return to the studio to address his audience. Carlson has not announced his next career move yet, nor has he personally addressed his termination.

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