Woman Slammed For Dissing The Cheesecake Factory On Date Walk Out

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MIAMI, FLORIDA - NOVEMBER 30: The exterior of The Cheesecake Factory store photographed on November 30, 2022 in Miami, Florida.
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A woman went on a date with a man who attempted to take her to the local Cheesecake Factory for a date. She refused to get out of the car on account of his restaurant pick.

The woman’s identity remains unclear, but Monique Santos first posted the video on TikTok. The platform has long been home to discourse surrounding dating and interpersonal relationships, with some setting high standards for the effort and monetary value of first dates. The woman’s reaction to the Cheesecake Factory is sparking controversy, with some being super fans of the restaurant, and others simply finding her request unreasonable.

The man in the video alleges that he intended to take her to a local restaurant first, but that the woman was so late to the date that she missed the reservation, hence the Cheesecake Factory was his back up plan. After the woman’s criticism of chain restaurants, the man stated that he would be dropping her off at home instead of going to the Cheesecake Factory, as he no longer felt that they were compatible.


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Social Media Reactions To Cheesecakegate

The video has sparked a phenomenon on X, full of memes, commentary, and more. Some feared the Cheesecake Factory was going out of business when they first saw that it was trending.


Elsewhere, some were appalled that the woman blamed the man for Cheesecakegate, given that she was the one who was late for the first reservation in the first place.

Others theorize that it was a skit, and that perhaps both parties were in on it in search of viral fame.

Some felt it was odd that the woman chose to record such a personal moment.


Others felt that her attitude in general was entitled, especially given that it was a first date, and she hardly knew the man she was getting a meal with.

Some X users felt that it is important to have high standards in the current dating pool, but that it was unkind to speak down to someone who put effort in to spend time with a potential significant other.

After learning that the woman’s tardiness is what caused the Cheesecake diversion in the first place, some felt that the man had every right to cancel the first date.

In response to the viral situation, many are sharing their love for the Cheesecake Factory in general. Some are even calling one’s opinion on the restaurant chain a new litmus test for a person’s character in friendship or dating.

Others suspect that it may have had nothing to do with the restaurant, and that the woman may have not liked her date before she left with him, hence the sabotage.

The subjects of the video are yet to identify themselves, and the Cheesecake Factory is yet to issue a rebuttal.

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