Woman Uses PIGEON As A Weapon?!

A woman pulled a knife and threw a pigeon at a security guard at the DMV.
By Alex Firer

A pigeon was used as a weapon?! What kind of crazed video game style fighting abilities are these? Yeesh!

Going anywhere where the government is involved can be stressful. DMV, nobody likes it, TSA pain in the ass, and going to social security administration apparently a hell hole. A 56 year old woman who made a visit to the social security administration in Virginia began yelling at the employees there. Which is just making everything worse than it already is.

So a security guard was just doing his job and was like “hey I actually need to escort you because you’re being annoying and rude”, ecept he for sure didn’t say that, and even if he did say that it wouldn’t justify that the 56 year old woman pulling a knife out and threatening him!

I feel like nothing much happens at the social security administration so it was probably quite the exciting day. Oh, and I almost forgot, she also hit the security guard in the head with a fanny pack.

Don’t worry the security guard is still alive in case you were wondering.

So the security guard closes the the door to the office and locks the door so the woman can’t get back in & they call the police. A police officer found the woman nearby and arrested her. She was arrested without incident.

When officers checked what was inside her fanny pack that she did indeed use as a weapon… they found a small pigeon inside of it.

Wait, what? Was it her pet? Did she not know it was in there? Does he have a name? The pigeon is okay by the way! It is alive and it was taken to an animal shelter.

The woman was charged with attempted unlawful wounding… you know since she pulled out a knife & threatened the guard. But she also might face charges related to the bird. Which she should. No pigeon should be used as a weapon please.

Also the bird will be free to spread its wings and fly once the investigation is over. Which will hopefully be very soon. This bird didn’t ask for this. This bird just wanted a beautiful life. People online quickly began talking about this story… and the insane headline

It’s a fun news story because it’s odd. And nobody got hurt.

Also this isn’t the first time pigeons and fanny packs have been seen together. In 2015 a fanny pack wearing pigeon was smuggling cocaine into a prison.

Yeah seems like pigeons are maybe just into being a criminals.

Have you ever had a fanny pack related incident… or a pigeon incident? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending