Women Learns Her Boyfriend is Cheating Through a Group Chat with Six Other Women in this Viral TikTok Video

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Image: @Mikamonsika | TikTok

When you receive random texts from strangers, you’re probably expecting them to be a wrong number or a spam text message, but never news that might rock your world. In this viral TikTok, creator Mika, who goes by @Mikamonsika, received a text message from a stranger that gave her news she was definitely not expecting. Not only was her boyfriend cheating on her, but he was also cheating on her with multiple women. When she received the text, it included other girls with who he was engaging, but he was also included in the text as well.


when this hit the girlies group chat 🥰

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Although the news was definitely not good, the wording within the message was humorous and did not hold back. The texter greeted them with “Hello ladies! Hope this message finds you great!” Many found this uplifting beginning odd, as it later follows with less than positive news, saying that although the girls may not know each other personally, they did all have a man in common, and even included his name so there was no confusion. The texter said that she did not know that any of these girls existed and that he was in her “sheets” a few days ap and felt like she should share the news as a woman.


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Many were begging for an update or a storytime of how this happened, which Mika provided, but it was shortly removed for “harassment and bullying.” Mika assumed it was her ex-boyfriend that reported the post, but he gave no response when she asked him his reasonings behind reporting the post. However, the TikTok comments did not dissapoint in this one. Many supported Mika, but still did not hesitte to make a few jokes about the situation. One commenter writes that they would not proceed to only give bad news over text by stating “Hope this message finds you great!” Other people encouraged Mika to go out to drinks with all of the girls and bond over the experience.


Reply to @mikamoniska the video is tagged on my ig story if you’d like to troll

♬ original sound – mika

Although the situation was definitely not one Mika was probably hoping to experience, she did make the best out of the situation and thanks her new followers and the commenters for being sweet and supportive within the comments. Many wish her the best of healing and also eagerly anticipate an update video with everyone who was in the groupchat.


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