Women Are Revealing Their Love Schemes on TikTok to Taylor Swift

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@lyssielooloo/@katerincarlson/@tayjohnsonb on TikTok

How far will you go for the love of your life? Some will let fate take over and some more rom-com fanatics will take over for chance.

The latest TikTok trend showcases women revealing all the little tricks they did to get their current partner to be with them. The sound fittingly goes with Taylor Swift’s song “Mastermind” from her newest album “Midnights”. In the song, Swift confesses to a lover that she’s orchestrated their entire love story.

“What if I told you none of it was accidental?/ And the first night that you saw me, nothing was gonna stop me/I laid the groundwork and then, just like clockwork/The dominoes cascaded in a line,” sings Swift in the pre-chorus.
The first few videos doing the trend were cute and harmless.
One video by @katherincarlson recounted that she “…bullied a teacher into letting [her] create the seating chart for his Trig/Stats class so [she] could put this cute shy football player behind [her]”. She started getting better at math to seem cooler and he pretended to be worse at math to keep talking to her. They’ve been together for 20 years.

When I told him about this post he said, “you were a math-stermind” I fucking love that nerd. #mastermind #midnights

♬ Mastermind – Taylor Swift

 Now, with the tools of social media, it’s become so much easier to scheme. Many videos under this sound involve some sort of Instagram story stalking and engaging with their crush’s interests. One TikTok with over 4 million views involves creator @lyssielooloo explaining how she got her boyfriend of 2 years to notice her.
“I found this band on Spotify that I loved so much…I thought ‘Hey the singer’s voice sounds raspy and hot’ And I looked him up and he was my dream man so I shamelessly played one of his songs [in] the background of my stories and tagged them and he messaged me about it…we planned a date so I memorized every word to all his songs and made very slight references to them…even though I told him I didn’t really know anything about his music…”

wattpad story fr

♬ Mastermind – Taylor Swift

The reaction to this trend has been varied. Some are applauding the hard work and dedication to love.


Others are confused about why they would confess this to the internet.


And others are very creeped out.

Is it high manipulation? How far is too far for love? Swift has not commented on the trend (if she even knows about it) But one thing is for certain. The girls are putting in the work.

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