World’s Deepest Diving Pool Opens in Dubai and it is an Absolute Must See

Welcome to the sunken place
By Christian McBride
Worlds ldeepest pool ever in Dubai!

If you haven’t heard the news Deep Dive Dubai just set the world’s largest record for the deepest diving pool in the world. A whopping 60 meters (200 feet) deep the pool is called the ‘The Sunken City.  The Sunken City contains remnants of a lost city submerged underwater. Things such as apartments, board games, and arcade games. There is a gift shop and even a restaurant. As of right now Deep Dive Dubai is private but plans to make it its public appearances where you can book online by July 2021. Dubai is known for its tourist attractions with one of the tallest buildings in the world.

The Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Tower) is a skyscraper in Dubai standing over 2700ft high that’s just over half a mile. You can also enjoy the sand dunes by taking a camel ride or even yacht rides and 4 wheelers and indoor ski slope resort. There are many wild attractions adding to Dubai’s wild list of experiences but this one has to put the icing on the cake. Deep Dive Dubai has already attracted celebrities like Will Smith who posted himself getting ready to dive into some of the action from his Instagram account. Some followers commented “Bucket List” others asked for “more footage. The video accumulated over 3 million views and people all over the world can’t wait for the grand opening. There comes certain benefits of diving in an indoor pool over the real deal nature spill.

According to CNBC, weather and water conditions are controlled, the indoor facility maintains the temperature at a calm 86 degrees.” That way anyone who wants to go swimming can feel as natural as possible not too cold and not too hot either. “The pool is well lit and at all depths with 156 lights.” Guiding you safely and securely all the way to the bottom. Though diving indoor has its perks others still plan to use it as practice for real deep-sea diving experienced and inexperienced swimmers alike can’t wait to jump into Dubai’s deepest pool in the world.