Ye Criticized For Referring To Nicki Minaj As ‘That Girl’ After She Denied His Request To Release Old Collaboration

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Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, has been no stranger to controversy and criticism over the past several years. The latest of such is his interaction with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj, with whom he attempted to release his collaboration “New Body.” Minaj revealed that the song was recorded three years ago, with a number of internet leaks of the track taking place in the meantime.

Minaj elaborated via Instagram live, saying “Chile, that train has left the station,” she said. “OK? No disrespect in any way.” Minaj did not further elaborate on the collaboration, or her thoughts on Wests’s adherence to far-right viewpoints and antisemitism that have come out in the years following their collaboration. Despite Minaj solely citing the timing of her most recent release “Pink Friday 2” as the reason for declining to drop “New Body,” West went on to attack her online.

A viral video circulating on X, formerly known as Twitter, showing West referring to Minaj as “that girl” and claiming that she owes him the release because he “supported her career.” Minaj’s dedicated fans, who dub themselves Barbz, immediately came to her defense, finding West referring to the rapper as “that girl” offensive, as she is now a 12-time Grammy nominee and a mainstay in the music world.

New Bodygate

Many found West’s disrespect of Minaj’s autonomy as an artist to be highly offensive. In the years since Minaj first collaborated with West, her career continues to expand within both music and the cultural zeitgeist.

Other fans remind West that Minaj permitted the track’s release years ago prior to his numerous creative and personal controversies. This in mind, many find it strange that the rapper would resurface the track at the time of Minaj’s much anticipated album release this week.


Fans of Minaj and onlookers alike agree that Minaj reserves the right to deny him to release it, as she not only raps a verse on the track but has cowriting credits.

West has come under fire for previously tweeting several antisemitic statements. This was only amplified further when he appeared on Alex Jones’ “InfoWars” podcast alongside far-right political commentator Nick Fuentes. Jones and Fuentes are already known for their white supremacist ideology, and Ye announced his love for Hitler aloud on the podcast.

Ye then went on to wear a “white lives matter” shirt for Balenciaga during Paris Fashion Week. After this, Adidas, Balenciaga, and Creative Artists Agency (CAA) all dropped him within days, bringing his net worth down from his billionaire status. He then married former Yeezy executive Bianca Censori, and after numerous highly publicized sightings of the pair, some accuse West of abusing her, including comedian Kathy Griffin.


Trigger warning! I discuss possible abuse in this video. I can’t help it. I worry. I don’t even know this woman but I still worry. #KathyGriffin

♬ original sound – realkathygriffin


West is yet to comment further on the “New Body” release timeline.

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