These Cosplay Marvel Fans Look Just Like The Real Characters

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Marvel has reached a new level of success after a decade of dominance within the franchise and their movies. Now marvel has taken into TV series and origin stories for some of their characters who didn’t share the limelight in the first movies. TV series such as Wanda vision and The Falcon and The Winter Solider is all coming even Loki the “God of Mischief” and brother of Thor are getting their own spinoffs. This new eclipse of TV Series and origin stories have fans going absolutely crazy over the Marvel culture.

This latest trend on TikTok has been catching some worldwide attention where fans that look just like the cast of characters from the Marvel Universe are making duets on TikTok together and it is uncanny how much they look just like the actual cast from avengers. @heyjohnson recreates scenes from Tom Holland’s role as spiderman via his Tiktok account. His fans reacted with all positivity with replies such as “You need to make the wish avengers” and “You ain’t no lookalike you are Tom Holland”.


He’s not Black Falcon, he’s Captain America ???????? #captainamerica #falcon #marvel #foryou

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Just last week another tiktoker surfaced going by the name Kate Johansson suited up and took on the role as Black Widow and she is the spitting image of Scarlett Johansson. She posts a series of TikTok’s that display her eating various foods in her cosplay as Nat. The cosplay Black Widow has amassed 7 million followers a pretty heft audience watching her reignite the black widow role.  Other Tik Tok creators involved are Robert Marino aka Bucky from winter soldier who played Captain America’s best friend in the MCU. @thatjakeryan whose cosplay is Captain America who has amassed over 400, 000  and looks exactly like Chris Evans joined in on the fun as well. We can’t forget Hawkeye whose cosplay character is performed by @clynned and has over 440k followers n his account. These creators all


Reply to @missdelicious12 I added Ant-boy and iron deficiency man! ????????????

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According to cinemablend, Black Widow will not be reprised due to her death in The Avenger’s finale End Game. Scarlett Johansson will be taking some time off the screen to be a mommy as she is expecting a child pretty soon. This hasn’t stopped her fans from doing good work for her. These Tiktoker’s have assembled and brought a cast of lookalikes in their cosplay uniforms as the Avengers and the internet is loving it! As they collectively follow Black Widow’s lead in eating to Anderson paak and Bruno Mars #1 single “Leave The Door Open”.  Last but not least we should all be thanking @dreamelli612 for putting this magnificent content together. She listened to her fans in the comments as they requested and found new creators who were doing such tiktoks as these creators and decided to make a compilation for us all to enjoy.

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