YouTube Updates Tool to Remove Copyrighted Music Without Disturbing Other Audio

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YouTube has rolled out an updated eraser tool aimed at empowering creators to effortlessly eliminate copyrighted music from their videos while preserving other audio components like dialogue and sound effects.

Neal Mohan, chief of YouTube, announced the release of the enhanced Erase Song tool via X, expressing its benefits to content creators. “Good news, creators: our updated Erase Song tool helps you easily remove copyright-claimed music from your video (while leaving the rest of your audio intact),” Mohan stated.

The tool, designed to address longstanding challenges faced by creators, underwent extensive testing to refine its functionality. Previous iterations fell short in accurately identifying and removing copyrighted songs without affecting other audio elements within the video. This updated version harnesses advanced AI algorithms tailored to precisely detect and extract copyrighted music while safeguarding the integrity of surrounding audio content.

Despite the improvements, YouTube advises users that the tool may encounter limitations, especially in cases where the targeted song proves challenging to remove. The platform acknowledges these potential shortcomings on its support page, cautioning creators that the algorithm might not consistently achieve the desired outcome of isolating copyrighted segments.

“This edit might not work if the song is hard to remove. If this tool doesn’t successfully remove the claim on a video, you can try other editing options, such as muting all sound in the claimed segments or trimming out the claimed segments,” YouTube advised, highlighting alternative measures available to users facing such scenarios.

In addition to the Erase Song feature, creators have the option to mute all sound specifically within segments identified as containing copyrighted material. This alternative approach allows for a selective muting of audio elements, effectively silencing parts of the video deemed to include copyrighted content while leaving the rest of the audio intact.

Upon successful implementation of any of these editing solutions, YouTube automatically withdraws the content ID claim associated with the copyrighted material detected within the video. The content ID system serves as YouTube’s mechanism for identifying and managing instances of copyrighted content across its platform, ensuring compliance with copyright regulations and protecting intellectual property rights.


The introduction of the updated Erase Song tool reflects YouTube’s ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience for content creators, providing them with more effective tools to manage copyrighted material within their videos. As YouTube continues to refine its copyright management capabilities, creators can expect further innovations aimed at simplifying the process of handling copyrighted content while promoting creative expression on the platform.

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