Zayn Malik Sings High Note From “You and I” and One Direction Fans are Stoked

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Gotham/GC Images and Zayn Malik | Instagram

Over the weekend, former One Direction member Zayn Malik posted a quick 8-second clip of him singing his iconic high note from the One Direction song “You and I.” Although he did not say anything directly, some believe this is a subtle comment toward Liam Payne. In case you missed it, Liam Payne went on Logan Paul’s podcast, “Impaulsive” where he not only discussed his former bandmates and secrets you might not have known about the band but also claimed to be one of the more prosperous members of the band. Not only were fans ecstatic to see Malik reference the boy band, which he has not done in quite some time, but Louis Tomlinson also liked the clip, despite them being in a falling out.

Many assumed  Malik and Tomlinson seemed to not be friendly at the moment, from when Malik left the band and the two exchanged some heated Tweets online, to Malik not showing up to the finale of the X-factor, where Tomlinson would be singing in honor of his late mother. But, when Tomlinson liked the clip, some wondered if this meant there would be a reunion between the two. Since Payne had not only discussed Malik and his personal life, he also mentioned Tomlinson and how they used to not get along. Some wondered if ironically, Payne’s comments about the two reunited them.

Malik rarely discusses his time in the band, especially since he departed from the band before they went on their hiatus, which is why many fans were excited to see him sing the high note. “You and I” is one of their top ten songs, as it remains number 9 on their most listened songs on Spotify. And, his high note was something he was known for within the song and something fans looked forward to seeing him perform. And again, although Malik did not explicitly say anything, some wondered if Malik was shading Payne for his comments.


Even if Malik’s intention wasn’t to shade Payne, fans were delighted to see him reference the band, and they were even more excited to see Tomlinson interact. Although many hopes of a One Direction reunion were destroyed when Payne went on Impaulsive, some hopes were reignited after Malik’s clip.

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