Zoë Kravitz Trends on Twitter For Weird Comments She Once Made About Jaden Smith after Criticizing Will Smith’s Slap at the Oscars

I was not expecting to see this when I wanted to know why Zoe Kravitz is trending.
By Savannah Moss
Image: Patrick T. Fallon / Contributor | Getty Images

As you are most likely aware, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after Rock made comments about Smith’s wife, Jada. Now, following this moment, many celebrities are coming out and commenting about this behavior. For the most part, fellow celebrities are commenting about their opinion on the behavior, like comedian Tiffany Haddish or rapper Nicki Minaj. Last night, actress Zoë Kravitz made a comment as well when she posted on Instagram. In the caption, she writes “Here’s a picture of my dress at the award show where we are apparently assaulting people on stage now.” But, many were quick to pull out receipts, some of which many had never even heard of, and began pointing out why they believed she was being hypocritical.

The controversy

At first, many began to call out Kravitz for being friends with Alexander Wang. Wang, a fashion designer, has been accused by multiple people of sexual harassment, which he at first denied and then later wrote about his regret for “past behavior.” Many wondered how Kravitz could be proud friends of one person accused of assault while condemning others. But, the situation and backlash Kravitz was experiencing quickly worsened when someone reposted an interview Kravitz once had where she made some odd comments about Jaden Smith, who was 14 at the time.

In the interview, she is quoted saying “‘There were moments that I was hanging out with Jaden and thinking, I can’t believe you’re 14, I have to check myself, like what I say to you.'” She also goes on to say “When you’re older, you know, we’ll hang out… Nope, that’s inappropriate, you’re 14” and calls Jaden “handsome.” Many found this incredibly weird, given the age difference and the fact that he was a minor at the time while she was 24.

Kravitz began to trend on Twitter as many discussed the fact that this was public information, as it was found in an interview, and yet nobody was aware. In addition, Kravitz had seemed to be a “fan favorite” in the last few weeks on Twitter after she played Catwoman in the recent “Batman” film. So, many were wondering why they had just found out this information on Kravitz and if she had not said anything, would it have been brushed to the side? Many also wondered how this could have been normalized by Hollywood and why people should be more aware of inappropriate behavior with minors in Hollywood and celebrities, instead of normalizing it or brushing it off.