Mick Jagger Calls Monty Python "Wrinkly Old Men Trying to Relive Their Youth"

"I mean, the best one died years ago!"

  • Mick Jagger introduces the Monty Python Live (mostly) Press Conference

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  • Jagger's ironic comments come as part of a comedy sketch introducing the Monty Python Live (mostly) Press Conference teasing their upcoming comedy reunion tour.

  • Mirror has the following details about the tour...

    - Mick Jagger pretended he didn't know the shows were happening, as a helpful video shill - watch it below

    - 100% of poll respondents are more interested in seeing the Pythons do their most famous routines rather than the new material

    - There may be some FIRE onstage

    - Stephen Hawking will be making a guest appearance

    - It does sound as if these final ten shows - with the very final two taped for DVD and aired on TV - are the very, very final shows. Absolutely final. Final


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