Dalai Lama: "That's a Silly Question"

His Holiness has a pretty good sense of humor.

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    Sometimes you try to be deep in front of the Dalai Lama and just end up sounding like a dork, and he teases you about it in front of a whole room of people - but you can still get spiritual enlightenment out of it.

    In this video trending on Reddit today, the Dalai Lama was taking questions from the audience during a 2010 conference on compassion in Atlanta, Georgia. One guy asked him, “If you lived your entire life until this moment as a mute and you only had one moment to speak, what would be the message you would share?”

    “That's a silly question,” the Dalai Lama chuckled, and everyone had a good laugh about it.

    He added, “Of course it depends on the circumstances. If at that very moment I was feeling very hungry, then I'd say I want some food.”

    The man who asked the question probably wasn’t expecting to get teased, but the answer is pretty Zen if you really think about it - living in the moment and so forth.

    He also fared better than this guy:

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