#HowOldRobot: Why Everyone is Asking This Robot to Guess Their Age

Microsoft app wants to guess how old you are, Internet dwellers oblige

  • Microsoft recently unveiled its newest app, How Old Do I Look. Simply upload a photo of yourself and a robot will try to guess how old you are. It can be surprisingly accurate, and also hilariously not.

    The Internet jumped on the app. If you're been seeing #HowOldRobot on your feeds all day, this is why. Some of the best tweets come from fictional faces. Lord of the Rings' Gandalf is only 64 according to (He's actually over 2,000 years old, duh.)

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  • It's not totally clear what How Old Am I is actually supposed to do. In all likelihood, it's just one of many tests giant corporations are going to run on face-recognition technology in preparation for our inevitable Minority Report future. But until then, check out this app!

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