This New Slurpee Donut Might Be Everything We Needed

7-11 has a new Slurpee flavored donut, and it's pretty strange.

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  • 7-11 just came out with a brand new donut, and it’s not something any of us would typically expect out of a round, cake-like pastry. “Normal” donuts are plain, glazed, sprinkled, or drizzled in chocolate. But this donut? Someone at 7-11 came up with the (possibly) genius idea of creating a cherry Slurpee flavored donut.

    The first thing I did when I heard this was a thing was laugh. “Why would they think this would be a good idea? This donut isn’t going to sell,” I told myself. And then, walking home from work, I passed by a 7-11. Of course I had to go in and see what this donut was all about.

    At first glance, the donut was a beauty. It has pinkish-red icing, sparkling with bits of sugar. This donut gave me a great first impression. “Maybe there was hope after all,” I softly whispered to myself as I purchased the donut.

    I wasn’t going to wait until I got home, so I stopped at the street corner to take my first bite. The donut smelled great, with a candied cherry scent. I took a bite. Confusion. “Is this actually good, or am I just in love with the idea of this?” I asked myself. I let the taste sit. For some reason, I didn’t taste any cherry. This donut radiated a certain strawberry-ness.

    Nonetheless, I finished the donut and decided I loved it. There’s a slight crunch to the donut because of the sugar coat on the icing, and it was overall very satisfying. I would recommend trying this strange donut, and hopefully it settles in your stomach as well as it did in mine.

    It looks like the public is generally receptive to this new donut flavor, based on some tweets I came across:

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