Prank vs Prank Teams Up With Jurassic Park In Scary 3D Car Chase

Prank vs Prank Teams Up With Jurassic Park In Scary 3D Car Chase

  • Jesse and Jeana of YouTube's hottest prank channel, Prank vs Prank, partnered with Universal to bring some unexpected, high-quality production value to their latest BF vs GF vlog.

    To help promote Jurassic Park 3D, the prank-happy couple navigated their way through a thrilling car chase, only to outrun nature's most historically dangerous predator: a cat!

    Along with some behind the scenes footage, the vlog also presents Jesse and Jeana's loyal fans of Dope Fresh Nation with the chance to win tickets to the revamped classic film, premiering April 5, by just leaving a comment on the video about wanting to see PvP on the big screen.

    As reported by Tubefilter, the online video has also been post-produced on YouTube's Tompo 3D channel. Now, to just get your hands on those 3D specs.

    Earlier this week, we chatted with Jesse about April Fools pranks, pulling pranks in the military, and why nothing is off limits when it comes to pranking your significant other!

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