Traffic Stop Leads To Life-Saving Encounter

Police Officer quickly forced to go from writing ticket to giving CPR.

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    Most drivers aren’t too thrilled about being pulled over, but what seemed to be a routine traffic stop couldn't have possibly happened at a better time for 86-year-old Gavin Falconer when it became be a life-saving occasion.

    According to PEOPLE, Falconer was pulled over for speeding in Kennebunk, Maine, and just after handing over his license and registration, he suffered a heart attack and was slumped in the drivers seat with no pulse.

    Police Officer Matthew Harrington administered CPR and waited until another officer arrived on the scene with a defibrillator.

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    "He came running back and saw me there. He yanked me out of the car, ripped my beautiful pink shirt -- but that's all right, it was old anyway -- and I guess I was gone. No pulse. Nothing. And he started giving me CPR," Falconer told WMTW-TV.

  • The quick response by Officer Harrington, the CPR, and the defibrillator shock ended up saving the mans life.

    "You know, we always say there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop, but, obviously, day after day, you stop cars. They do become fairly routine, so when you're thinking you're just going to give a guy a warning and -- next thing you know -- you're doing chest compression in the middle of rush-hour traffic. It's a little overwhelming," Harrington said.

    Falconer, who's still recovering, has yet to meet Officer Harrington since their bizzare chance encounter, but he's looking forward to meeting him under better circumstances.

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