Air France Executives Attacked by Union Workers

Members of upper management literally had their clothes ripped off by a mob.

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    International business news is rarely this dramatic.

    Air France executives found themselves literally under attack after striking union workers forced their way into a meeting and tore their suits into shreds. They later had to be hoisted over a metal fence to safety, according to The Guardian:

    Approximately 100 workers forced their way into a meeting of the airline’s senior management and ripped the shirts from the backs of the executives.

    The airline filed a criminal complaint after the employees stormed its headquarters, near Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, in what was condemned as a “scandalous” outbreak of violence.

    Air France staff are on strike over a drastic cost-cutting plan that includes company-wide reorganization, the closure of five long-haul routes and the selling off of 14 of its larger, long distance aircraft.

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