Rihanna is The Queen of YouTube

Move over Machinima, Rihanna's channel is now the most viewed in history!

  • Rihanna - Pour It Up (Explicit)

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    Grammy award winning artist Rihanna took the prized spot for most viewed channel on YouTube. The previous channel on top, Machinima, is a “next generation video entertainment network for the gamer lifestyle and beyond." But Rihanna's channel is the next generation video entertainment network for amazing/sexy/edgy music videos. In less than five years, she has racked up 4.819 billion views. broke it down to about 2,715,116 views per day, 113,129 views per hour, 1,885 views per minute, and 31 views per second. Makes sense why all she sees is $igns…."dolla, dolla $igns."

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