Don't Miss the Dark, Amazing Trailer for Marvel's "Jessica Jones"

The latest Netflix series from Marvel looks even more intense than "Daredevil."

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    The new trailer for Marvel/Netflix’s “Jessica Jones” is seriously unsettling - and pretty much everything Marvel fans were hoping for.

    The long-awaited series about a tormented former superhero is a successor to Netflix’s gritty “Daredevil” series, which has gone over so well that we barely even remember that horrible Ben Affleck movie anymore.

    From the looks of things, “Jessica Jones” is taking things even further. Krysten Ritter plays Jones, who rebuilt her life as a private investigator. The series also stars “Doctor Who” alum David Tennant as Kilgrave aka Purple Man, who uses mind control powers to make people do whatever he wants - including unspeakable crimes.

    The show looks edgy and grim in a way you can only get away with on Netflix these days, and while it’s a departure from the original comics, fans are getting really excited about its potential.

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