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The Internet Says Goodbye to Robin Williams

Rest In Peace Robin Williams (1951 – 2014)

  • During an interview on Inside The Actor's Studio, he was asked "if you get to heaven, what do you hope St. Peters says about you?" He replied, "if heaven exists, to know that there's laughter, that'd be a good thing."

    Tons of people have been tweeting and sharing their stories across social media. A few highlights were his Mrs. Doubtfire costar, Mara Wilson, Disney, Billy Crystal and Zelda Williams.

    Some physical memorials that have cropped up have been the Good Will Hunting bench in Boston, which became a makeshift memorial, a statement from President Obama and flowers covering his Hollywood star on the Walk Of Fame.

    Rest In Peace Robin Williams (1951 – 2014)
    You will be greatly missed.

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