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I Am Jack's Honest Trailer

ScreenJunkies takes on the iconic David Fincher thriller "Fight Club" in honor of its 15th Anniversary

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    It's not the ScreenJunkies first Honest Trailer, but they still have to fight... In the latest edition of the long-running YouTube series, "Fight Club" gets the honest treatment, with narrator Jon Bailey and company taking the highly-acclaimed satirical mindfuck to task for, among other things, hypocrisy. (They point out how the film is nominally anti-capitalist, but still features product-placement, multiple DVD an Blu-Ray editions and even a soap-based merchandising tie-in.)

    The Honest Trailers team also takes issue with the numerous "hints" peppered throughout the movie indicating the real identity of Tyler Durden. (SPOILER ALERT: "Fight Club" is 15 years old and you should know how it ends by now.)

    In a surprising bit of trivia, this is the first time Honest Trailers have ever taken on a David Fincher film. Surely, "The Social Network" can't be far behind.

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