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Taylor Swift Grabbed By Fan & Other Swifty News

Taylor's fans can be scary sometimes, but at least she can go home to her adorable kitties.

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    It’s been a big news day for Taylor Swift, mostly because some crazy fan lunged at her ankle while she was onstage and freaked her out. You’d better not be behind this, Katy Perry.
    Tuesday night during a stop on her 1989 World Tour in Edmonton, Canada, Swift was rocking out to “Bad Blood” when a man in a white T-shirt jumped at her from the audience and tried to grab her ankle.
    She was startled for a second, but then she SHOOK IT OFF LOL and continued with her performance. Yes, headline writers, you’re all very clever.
    In other Taytay news, she posted a video on Twitter showing how her cats welcome her home (one with adoration and the other with a death glare) and singer-songwriter Ryan Adams has announced he’s going to record a “1989” cover album in the style of the Smiths. Color us intrigued.

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