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Katy Perry Fell Off a Segway at Burning Man

Total first time Burner.

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    Katy Perry went to Burning Man and didn’t even know how to ride a Segway properly, what a newbie.

    Burning Man, the annual “crucible of creativity” in the Nevada desert, attracts all kinds of artists and thinkers - including ridiculously wealthy artists and thinkers who bring private toilets gourmet chefs. During her stay in Black Rock City, Katy Perry was filming herself riding a Segway when she screwed up a turn and fell off.
    In fairness, you would have been distracted too if you were trying to ride a Segway around this weird, Mad Max net bicycle boat thing.

    It was windy at Burning Man this year, with gusts blowing sand around at up to 50 miles per hour. Let’s blame Katy’s fall on that.

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