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Vote for Jeb Bush, Get an Awkward Chest Bump

Jeb! has skipped over handshakes and kissing babies to more manly/weird things.

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    Is there anything more endearing than politicians trying to act like folksy normal people in a carefully calculated way to get the most votes?

    Apparently, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush (aka JEB!) has started a tradition of “chest bumping” every new convert to his campaign - because really firm handshakes just aren’t manly enough. Jeb! also told reporters “Any time you guys want to try a chest bump, I’m all in."
    Of course, Jeb! isn’t a particularly young or athletic man, so his chest bumps look more like awkwardly stumbling into someone. Also, side note, what happens when the convert is a woman?

    Jeb! is currently 4th in the polls in Iowa, if you were wondering.

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