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Will Mark Cuban Buy the Dodgers Now?

Will Mark Cuban Buy the Dodgers Now?

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  • Cuban told the L.A Times that several months ago that he offered to discuss buying the Dodgers from owner McCourt. But, when Cuban found out the 1 to 1.2 billion dollar price range that McCourt wanted for the struggling franchise, he decided not to enter into negotiations at that time.

    In March, Forbes valued the Blue Crew at about 800,000, but the attorneys for McCourt filed court papers this week estimating the value of the Dodgers, their stadium and the surrounding land "in excess of $1 billion."

    The passionate Mark Cuban currently owns the 2011 Championship NBA team the Dallas Mavericks. But, when it comes to baseball Cuban has lost out on his bids for the Chicago Cubs and the Texas Rangers, two teams who both apparently need some help finding The Commissioner's Trophy.

    There has been lots of chatter online this morning from L.A. fans.

  • At the end of August, Mark was on What's Trending an told us that buying the Dodgers was a longshot, but he didn't say 'no.' Perhaps a bankruptcy auction will change his mind.

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