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World, Prepare for Another Hologram - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

World, Prepare for Another Hologram - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

  • Just when you thought it was safe for us real people to go outside again, another dead '90s singer may be given the hologram treatment - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

    TLC recently announced that they will be reuniting in almost a decade for a huge 2012 tour, but there's one problem...there's one person missing from their three person group. Well, as Hologram Tupac provided, that can be fixed. A group's representative told TMZ that they are going to "incorporate" Left Eye's voice into the songs and "project" her image onto the stage for the tour.

    Is it drafty in here? No? Oh, it's just the feeling of dread that comes with the knowledge that a hologram army is assembling, threatening to destroy all of the real human race? Great!

    Here's Waterfalls. Enjoy.

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