Sesame Street Introduces First Homeless Character With Lily To Help Those Currently Suffering

As always, Sesame Street is at the forefront.

Sesame Street is on the forefront of progressive issues with such a subtlety, such a deft hand, and with a look forward that goes beyond today’s kerfuffle in a way that can take your breath away. Take for example the latest progressive choice from Sesame Street in introducing a Muppet to represent the ever present population of homeless children in America. The Muppet and message come in the form of Lily, a puppet who hosted a segment with Elmo to bring attention to her and her message.

The video in question shows Elmo sitting next to Lily as Lily gives Elmo the good news: her family, which has been homeless for so long, has at long last found a home. Lily thanks Elmo for his friendship during this impossible time, and gives Elmo one of the ribbons which helped her ease her anxiety through her period of being unsettled.

The video is a part of Sesame Street’s “Community’s” program, which in the past has given us a Muppet whose father is in prison. The video are meant to help children whose issues might be less general, but no less important. The show’s commitment in helping children who are in need is unparalleled and grows greater as the show’s life continues, despite its (necessary) move to HBO.

Sherrie Westin, the President of Global Impact and Philanthropy at Sesame Workshop said, as quoted in USA Today: “We know children experiencing homelessness are often caught up in a devastating cycle of trauma – the lack of affordable housing, poverty, domestic violence, or other trauma that caused them to lose their home, the trauma of actually losing their home, and the daily trauma of the uncertainty and insecurity of being homeless. We want to help disrupt that cycle by comforting children, empowering them, and giving them hope for the future. We want them to know that they are not alone and home is more than a house or an apartment – home is wherever the love lives.”

Meanwhile, I hereby announce that jokes about how Oscar the Grouch was the first homeless Muppet are done with! Done! Celebrate this progress, not some cartoon green man! I beg of you!

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