Can James Charles SUE Jovan Hill for FAKE Racist Photo??

Influencer Jovan Hill trolled James Charles with a joke that he did not find amusing.  James Charles is a beauty blogger with over 15M subscribers and rapidly growing his makeup empire. But with great power, comes great responsibility. And James is taking that seriously.

Serving as a role model for many young viewers, James aims to keep a positive and inspirational message for his brand.  And James has not been shy about shooting down attempts to defame him.

Especially those that deal with racism.

Jovan tweeted a photoshopped image that seemed to show James calling Jovan the N word in a direct message.  

James replied “that is absolutely not funny, delete this immediately or my lawyer will be in contact.

Jovan said, “let’s do it baby i know the law”

After the tweets were either deleted or taken down, James said…

It’s scary to me that there are actual people on twitter who crave attention so badly that they make fake screenshots to try and ruin other’s careers and lives… it’s not funny.”

“I don’t want to give him the thrill of even taking him to court, twitter is already helping me handle it.”

“Getting messages death threats and emails questioning one’s character over a fake screenshot is not a joke”

Understandably, James does not take racism jokes lightly. Especially given James’s past with an old joke of HIS that nearly ended his career.  At the time, James was honored as the first male spokesperson for Covergirl cosmetics and his joke about getting ebola in Africa did not go over well.  In fact, it’s led many to mark James as racist for years.

Many YouTubers still fight questionable content looming over them from their past, and after apologizing and growing, many hope their audience too can forgive and forget.

But do you think people should be forgiven for racist content they put out in the past? Let us know in the comments section.