This Kitten Learns To Respect His Elders

The household cat lays down some ground rules for this new kitten.
By Mai Linh Nguyen
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  • Looks like this cat wants to stay king of his domain. Friskies, the cat food company, collaborated with BuzzFeed Video to show us how this new kitten is welcomed into the household. The older cat makes sure the kitten knows that the underwear drawer is completely off limits on the off chance that their humans leave it open. That’s the big cat’s spot.

    You might recognize the voice behind this video to be that of Ze Frank, who actually runs BuzzFeed Video as well as his own channel. On his own channel Ze narrates a popular series where he tells some interesting facts about animals.

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  • Comedy aside, Ze Frank also makes great videos that make you think. Check out this video where he used jelly beans to explain how much time an average person has in their life. It really puts things into perspective!

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