UPDATED: Cantor to Step Down Following Tea Party Defeat

In a shocking upset, Dave Brat defeated Eric Cantor in last night's Virginia GOP Primary.
By Chris Menning
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  • Last night, GOP leader Eric Cantor lost the Virginia Primary election to anti-establishment Tea Party candidate David Brat.

  • CNN says hope for immigration reform in House is lost.

    The victory by economics professor Dave Brat gives the tea party an instant jolt of energy, sends shock waves through Capitol Hill, shakes up the GOP House hierarchy — as Cantor was seen by many as the next speaker — and effectively kills any chance of immigration reform passing through the House any time soon.

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  • The Huffington Post provides some opinions from across the aisle.

    “Cantor became detached from his district and frankly was the least likable politician in Congress,” said the staffer. “Most people hate Congress but like their particular Member of Congress — Cantor never met that bar. Erick Erickson was right, the immigration angle is overblown, Cantor never cared about immigration. If anything the GOP Leadership built up expectations on shutting down the government and repealing Obamacare that were inevitably going to come back to bite them. Obamacare is here to stay, everybody knows that, and the monster Eric Cantor helped create came back to destroy him.”

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  • The New York Times reflects on David Brat’s weaker points.

    For example, in an interview on MSNBC on Wednesday morning Mr. Brat was questioned about his position on the federal minimum wage. “I’m a free-market guy,” he told the interviewer, Chuck Todd. “Our labor markets right now are already distorted from too many regulations.”

    But when Mr. Todd asked pointedly whether that meant he opposed a minimum wage, he hesitated. “Um, um, um, I don’t have a well-crafted response on that one.”

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  • UPDATE: Cantor to step down, reports ABC News

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who is not mounting a GOP write-in campaign, will step down as majority leader, sources tell ABC News.

    Even if the No. 2 House Republican from Virginia were able to pull it off — a long shot — he would never be re-elected majority leader after his shocking and historic primary defeat Tuesday night. He hopes to serve through July, but a leadership election could happen before that.

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