Joan Lunden Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnoses

The Former "Good Morning America" host spoke with Robin Roberts about her next steps.
By Alexandra Zaslow

  • Good Morning America‘s longest running anchor, Joan Lunden, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

    The 63-year-old journalist went on GMA this morning to chat with Robin Roberts, who has recently battled breast cancer as well. The cancer was found with an ultrasound during her annual mammogram.

    “In the beginning I was like what did I do wrong?” Lunden told Roberts. “Then I just turned a corner and said I’m a health advocate so I need to knock this off, learn everything you can about it and go into warrior mode.”

    Lunden has already begun chemotherapy and will continue with a lumpectomy and radiation.

    “I am so thankful to have the support, wisdom, and guidance from all my doctors and the loving support of my family and my friends,” Lunden wrote on her blog. “I know I have a challenge ahead of me in this journey, however I have chosen to take it as an opportunity to fulfill my father’s legacy and try to inspire others to protect their health.”