Queen Elizabeth II Eyes the Iron Throne, Does Not Sit

"I've got one at home a lot like it, but more modern" the monarch was eagerly imagined to have said.
By Chris Menning
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    Source: The Associated Press

    Image Credit: Peter Morrison/AP

  • TIME has the basic details…

    Queen Elizabeth II went to Ireland to see the Belfast set and meet with cast members and show creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss.

    While the 88-year-old queen, who prefers corgis to direwolves, stopped to admire props, CBS reports that she politely declined to sit on the sword-covered Iron Throne.

    Source: time.com

  • Vanity Fair is also disappointed about the missed opportunity…

    As best we can tell from the photos made available, the Queen regarded the Iron Throne without really indicating by her expression exactly how she felt about the whole scene. Furthermore, she—and we are still having trouble actually coming to terms with this—did not actually sit on the Iron Throne.

    Source: www.vanityfair.com

  • Nerdist has lamentations about all the standing around as well..

    it was not, apparently, in the cards for us to see her and her corgis grace the sword-forged seat. … Perhaps all she needed was a bit more of an egging on: surely Lena Heady could’ve done a bit of that (she is quite the cheeky one, after all). We suppose that would be a very American suggestion, though: to speak out of turn to the Queen and suggest she do something utterly silly and ridiculous that she might later come to regret.

    Source: www.nerdist.com

  • VIDEO: Queen visits set of Game of Thrones in Belfast

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Entertainment Weekly teases that there may be more going on right under our noses…

    Please note that Ygritte was among the Thrones folk who met the queen this morning. Know what that means? It means Queen Elizabeth II is a red priestess with the power to raise the dead, which is a whole lot cooler than a photo of her sitting on the Iron Throne would be.

    Source: popwatch.ew.com