‘Iron Man 3’ Director Planning ‘Predator’ Reboot

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    Source: io9.com

    Predator Huntress Cosplay via io9

  • Variety has the crucial details…

    20th Century Fox is bringing back its iconic “Predator” franchise for a reboot with “Iron Man 3″ writer-director Shane Black on board to direct.

    Fox-based John Davis, who produced the original 1987 sci-fi actioner with Joel Silver and Lawrence Gordon, is producing the reboot.

    Black and Fred Dekker will write the script. The duo teamed on 1987’s “Monster Squad.”

    Source: variety.com

  • HitFix elaborates on Black’s connection the Predator franchise…

    Attaching Shane Black to co-write and direct the film is, for anyone who knows the first film, an especially sly move. Black is in the original film, playing one of the soldiers, and he appeared in that film during the heyday of what are known as the Pad O’ Guys days, where Black and several other friends all shared a place. Ryan Rowe, Ed Solomon, James Herzfeld, and Gregory Widen were all members of the Pad O’ Guys, as was the guy who first pushed Black to become a screenwriter, Fred Dekker. Dekker and Black co-wrote “The Monster Squad,” which Dekker directed.

    Source: www.hitfix.com

  • Yeah baby show me your predator face.

    Source: lolzbook.com

    Nothing has been reported on casting just yet. Think you have what it takes to be the next Predator?

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