Tina Fey Will Produce a Witch, Just Not a Sanderson Sister

The internet briefly erupted in ecstatic nostalgia after a false report that '30 Rock' star Tina Fey would be directing and possibly starring in a sequel to 1993's 'Hocus Pocus.'
By Chris Menning
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  • Earlier this morning, Tracking Board mistakenly reported the following…

    More good news on the UNTITLED HOCUS POCUS SEQUEL front: Tina Fey and her company Little Stranger will produce the project. When we broke news of the project’s details back in April, we knew that producers were aiming for two leading ladies in the vein of Fey and Melissa McCarthy; there’s no word yet on whether Fey will appear in front of the camera, but she’s getting in on the action behind it. Fey joins producer Allison Shearmur and execs Bryan Oh, and Stephen Meinen from Allison Shearmur Productions, and execs and Jessica Virtue and Tendo Nagenda from Disney.

    Source: www.tracking-board.com

  • But Variety did some digging and reports shenanigans…

    But a rep for Fey insists, “their report is not accurate — Tina is not developing a sequel to ‘Hocus Pocus.’”

    Source: variety.com

  • Indie Wire has more details on the actual witch-themed project…

    The film, currently known as Untitled Witch Project, will be produced by Fey and Cinderella producer Allison Shearmur in what’s described as falling in the vein of Ghostbusters, with 30 Rock Golden Globe winner Fey also attached to star. Sorry to break it to fans of the 1993 Bette Midler horror-comedy: No Hocus Pocus 2 project is currently in the works at the Mouse House – yet.

    Source: blogs.indiewire.com