9 Unforgettable Lady Gaga Moments Told Through Gifs

Ever since she first stepped out on the pop music scene, Lady Gaga has provided the Internet with countless hours of entertainment. Here are some of our favorite moments...
By Erin Darling
  • Gaga may live for the applause, but we live for that perfectly coiffed 80’s hair.

  • The only thing better than one blonde pop diva is two…

  • This throwback from the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards serves as the perfect reminder that Gaga doesn’t just feel intensity, she is intensity.

  • Gaga is truly a woman who can do it all, even if that means doing it like a dude.

  • Even though she’s known for being a fearless fashionista, this pop star wasn’t afraid to make fun of her affinity for outrageous outfits with SNL cast member Andy Samberg.

  • Before she was an international pop star, Lady Gaga (AKA Stefani Germanotta) was pranked on MTV on the show “Boiling Point.” Thanks to the Internet, her classic reaction shot will be forever immortalized.

  • For those of you who need a lesson on the all-important hair flip.

  • Can you read Jim Carrey’s poker face?

  • Finally, someone isn’t afraid to say the thing we’ve all been thinking…