Here Are Just 10 Reasons To Move To Los Angeles

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  • 1. The Griffith Observatory

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    Source: John Maclean / Via: John Maclean

    Is there a better place for a first date? No. No there isn’t.

  • 2. Pacific Coast Highway

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    Source: Somer Cruise / Via: Somer Cruise

    Who hasn’t dreamed of driving through the PCH, windows rolled down, your favorite jams playing?

  • 3. Tacos

    Screen shot 2014 07 23 at 3.06.53 pm

    Sorry, do I really need to say more? T-A-C-O-S everywhere.

  • 4. More Spacious Apartments Than N.Y.

    Screen shot 2014 07 23 at 3.08.15 pm


    If you’re looking to get the better bang for your buck, Los Angeles is your city.

  • 5. Highly Pet Friendly

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    The people of Los Angeles love their pets… and luckily, so do most business owners!

  • 6. Consistently Good Weather

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    Source: Komo News

    Hate how muggy your current city is? Well, in Los Angeles, 90 degrees actually feels like 90 degrees and not 150.

  • 7. Less Stressful

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    Source: Lives of a Woman / Via: Lives of a Woman

    Yes, Los Angeles is a big city, but unlike New York City, you can actually take a stroll without having someone huff and puff behind you. This could go without saying but less stress equates to better health. We all want that for ourselves, no?

  • 8. The Beaches

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    Source: California Tourist / Via: California Tourist

    Do you see that? You could be there to unwind after work every day if you so please. Why not bring along a six-pack of your favorite IPA?

  • 9. What? No Beaches For You? How About A Hike or Hunting?

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    Source: Hike Speak / Via: Hike Speak

    This is just one of hundreds of hiking and hunting paths. Did your jaw just drop?

  • 10. The Museums

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    Source: Form Stack

    You think the 200-something museums in New York is a lot? There are over a whopping 300 museums in L.A.

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