Snoop Dogg Says He Got High At The White House

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    Late night television host Jimmy Kimmel joined Snoop Dogg on the rapper’s Youtube show GGN: The Double G News Network.

    When asked by Kimmel if he had ever gotten stoned in the White House, Snoop shared a stunning admission.

    His answer: “In the bathroom.”

    He asked “the CIA or the FBI” whether he may use the bathroom; he was reportedly then asked whether he intended on doing a “number one or number two.”

    Snoop Dogg said he replied that he was going to do a “number two.”

    And he claims to have added: “When I do a number two I usually have a cigarette or I light something to get the aroma right. They said, well you know what, you can light a piece of napkin.”

    Snoop adds “I said I’ll do that- and the napkin was this,” and the rapper could then be seen puffing what appears to be a blunt.

    Nobody knows whether or not his claims are true, but Snoop definitely gives a new meaning to “smoking presidential.”

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