Skater-Gone-Vine Superstar KC James Is One Chill Dude

Today's Vine superstar is the West Coast skater whose antics we can't get enough of: KC James.
By Sheryl Crespo
  • Ultimate KC James Vine Compilation

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    The quirky Californian captured the attention of Vine audiences quickly. With his oddball antics and cool, but hilarious skating tricks, within a year of beginning his Vine adventure he had 2.8 million followers. Today, he has 4 million and growing.

  • Why you so obsessed with me?

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    “KC James is an actor & comedian who has jumpstarted his career on Vine, the micro-video sharing app that displays 6 second looping videos,” reported The Go Creative Show. “His vines are slices of comedic brilliance and have captured the attention of millions of fans, but they also have connected him to large corporations like Square, Nine Lives, Virgin Mobile and more.”

  • How to deal with a burglar.

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    Several of his more famous videos have landed James in awkward predicaments. Amongst these? Getting a plunger to the face and being threatened to have the police called.

  • Friend who daydreams like a psychopath.

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    “My tooth is now loose, it got hit so hard. They say, ‘Do it for the Vine.’ And we did,” he said during an interview when asked about getting a plunger to the face.


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    It seems the weirdness doesn’t end at Vine though. During the same interview, KC was asked about a vine in which he had a baby doll attached to his chest. Did he still have the baby on him?

    “Yes, always,” and sure enough the doll head poked out of his shirt.

  • What DJ’s are actually doing

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    Weird, very weird, but apparently very endearing to his 4 million Vine followers. Here’s to you, KC James.