Buckwheat Pillow And Aromatherapy: 13 Ways To Improve Your Bedroom’s Ambience

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The bedroom is one of the most important areas of the house because this is where your mind and body will recover after a stressful day. How your bedroom looks and feels may also affect your overall health—a cluttered, poorly-designed bedroom will make it challenging for you to sleep. Over time, sleep deprivation can put your mental and physical health at risk. 

Your bedroom is important for different reasons, which is why you should exert time and effort in improving its ambiance. Your bedroom should be the comfiest and most relaxing space of your home, so you can easily rest and catch some Zs. 

Improve your bedroom’s ambiance (and finally get the best sleep) by following these tips:

Invest In The Right Pillows

Pillows are essential items in your bedroom as these influence your comfort and ability to sleep. Using the wrong type of pillow can cause sleep deprivation and body aches, namely back and neck pain. 

Using a buckwheat pillow in your bedroom is a great way to improve its ambiance. Because they’re made from organic and all-natural materials, buckwheat pillows don’t contain toxins that get released into the air. This will make your bedroom cleaner and lessen your risk of allergies. 

Buckwheat pillows are better than other types of pillows in terms of support, as shown in this video.


They’re extremely moldable as their materials naturally move around to provide superior support to your head, neck, and spine. Buckwheat pillows make it easier for you to maintain the right posture all night long so you can wake up pain-free.


Image: LumiNola | Unsplash

Try Aromatherapy

Improving the ambiance of your bedroom won’t only require you to change the aesthetics of the space, but you should also pay attention to how your room smells as this can affect your mood and sleeping patterns. Even if you’re physically exhausted at the end of the day, sleeping can still become a problem if your bedroom smells bad. 

Improve the ambiance of your bedroom by trying out aromatherapy. It provides countless benefits, namely reducing stress and anxiety, managing pain, and improving sleep quality. Aromatherapy may also fight bacteria, fungus, and viruses, keeping your bedroom cleaner and healthier. There are many ways to experience aromatherapy in your bedroom—you can use scented candles, essential oils, diffusers, or bowls of potpourri. Once you’ve identified the method of keeping your bedroom smelling good, it’s now time to shop for the right scents. Some of the best scents you can use are lavender, vanilla, and jasmine. 

Change Your Mattress

Finding the perfect buckwheat cooling pillow isn’t enough to do the trick; you also need to invest in the best mattress to turn your bedroom into a comfortable and cozy space. Your bedroom will not serve its purpose if your mattress is too soft or stiff for your body. A soft mattress doesn’t support spinal alignment, while one that’s too stiff may cause lower back pain. 

Changing mattresses can improve the ambiance of your bedroom in no time. When you have a comfortable mattress—one that suits your preferences and health needs—you can easily relax and fall asleep in your bedroom. A good mattress may also reduce allergy symptoms, promote good spinal alignment, and prevent body pain. 


Image: AndreyPopov | Unsplash

When shopping for a brand new mattress, make sure that you try it out first. Spend a couple of minutes sitting and lying on it to assess if it can properly support your body. 

Use The Right Colors 

Colors have different effects on people, which is why you should be careful when picking wall colors for your bedroom. For example, you should never paint your bedroom red as this color raises your energy levels, and evokes feelings of anger and excitement, making it very challenging for you to get some shuteye.

To improve your bedroom’s ambiance, pick the right colors for your bedroom. One of the most appropriate colors to use in your bedroom is blue as it may lower blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. Green is also a runner-up as this color may relieve stress and create a calm vibe. 

Avoid Clutter

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars or work several weekends to improve the ambiance of your bedroom. Making sure that the room is clutter-free is enough to achieve that goal. 

Clutter is harmful for your mental health as it increases stress. When your bedroom has clutter, you’ll likely think about when and how you’re going to clean your room. This will make it very challenging for you to focus on tasks and sleep well during the night. 

Moreover, clutter can also attract germs and bacteria to your bedroom. Over time, this can cause allergic reactions, such as sneezing, blocked nose, and watery eyes. Such symptoms can keep you up all night, which can eventually lead to sleep deprivation. 

If you want to improve your bedroom’s ambiance, get rid of all the clutter in the room. You can do this by choosing pieces of furniture with storage and keeping all of your surfaces clean. Purging regularly also helps as it encourages you to dispose of unwanted or unused items in your bedroom.

Keep Floral Close

Gone are the days when plants and flowers were only seen in lawns and backyards. Today, you can add a couple of household plants to your bedroom and experience several health benefits. 

Image: Annie Spratt | Unsplash

Although uncommon for some, keeping floral close is actually a must if you want to improve the ambiance of your bedroom. Plants and flowers may improve your mood, reduce fatigue, and lower stress and anxiety. Any type of greenery may also maintain and increase the humidity levels in the space, making your bedroom feel cooler. 

There are several houseplants suitable for your bedroom, namely lavender, lady palms, and rubber plants. Boston ferns are also excellent options if you have a small bedroom as these thrive better when hung near windows. 

Block Out Lights

The main purpose of your bedroom is to help you sleep. However, falling asleep can be very difficult if light enters your bedroom. This is especially true if you work graveyard and have to sleep during the daytime. 

Another way to improve the ambiance of your bedroom is to block out light. Depending on your preferences, you can invest in blackout curtains or drapes, blackout cellular shades, or blackout window films. You can also install weather-stripping on your doors to prevent natural light from coming through.

Having a dark bedroom is important because the absence of light signals the body that it’s time to rest. Dark bedrooms are also calming because they’re less energetic. When your bedroom is dark, the space becomes more conducive for sleeping. 

Image: Jp Valery | Unsplash

Reduce Noise

Attempting to sleep can become a stressful feat if your bedroom is too noisy. Twisting and turning don’t always help, especially if the sound is too loud. 

Reducing noise should be part of your to-do list if you want to improve the ambiance of your bedroom. When the space is quiet, your bedroom becomes a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary that helps you sleep soundly. 

There are several ways to reduce noise in your bedroom. For one, you can move pieces of furniture against the walls as their materials and fabrics can effectively absorb noise. This is a fool-proof solution if your next-door neighbor is always noisy during your sleeping schedule. 

Other hacks that can reduce noise in your bedroom are hanging heavy drapes over windows, covering the floors with thick carpets and rugs, and installing rubber door sweeps. If you want to mask the noise, use a white noise generator. This device drowns out sounds to make your bedroom feel quieter.

Achieve Soft Lighting

The type of lighting you have in your bedroom can affect the ambiance of the space. Jarring, bright lights can create visual noise in the room and even cause your body clock to stay awake hours after turning off the lights. 

To improve the ambiance of your bedroom, use lighting to your advantage. Instead of using one large lighting fixture in your bedroom, opt to invest in several smaller lamps and place these in different heights in order to create multiple layers of lighting. You can place small lamps in your nightstand, low dresser, and tall dresser. 

If your space allows it, you can also place one statement floor lamp in your bedroom. This lighting fixture can work as the focal point of your bedroom and reenergize the space. 

Image: Imaginima | Unsplash

Pay Attention To The Temperature

Do you always wake up in the middle of the night sweating?  Is the temperature of your bedroom too humid or warm for you to get eight straight hours of sleep?  If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, prioritize improving the temperature in your bedroom. The right temperature can also improve the ambiance of the space, and make you sleep faster and easier. 

To improve the temperature of your bedroom, set your air conditioner to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts from a place like Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services believe that this is the ideal temperature to promote sleep and relaxation in bedrooms. 

If you want to conserve energy and take the eco-friendly route, consider installing an electric fan or ceiling fan in your bedroom. If the weather permits, you can also open windows during the night to allow the natural breeze to enter your bedroom. These alternatives will help improve the ambiance of your bedroom, without causing your energy bills to skyrocket.

But if you want to stick with an air conditioner installation, make sure to run an inspection on your system to check if there’s a need to repair an AC unit in your bedroom or to assure it’s working properly.

You may contact pros like these mini split installation services in Champaign, IL if you need help with installation. If it’s not, we suggest getting the repair ac services available in Millcreek, UT or air conditioner repair for your home in Lighthouse Point, FL. You may also look into tune up and maintenance after ac repair such as this ac tune up in Cottonwood Heights, UT.

Avoid Mirrors

If you’re always on the lookout for home renovation tips, you’ll likely come across articles discussing the importance of mirrors. In home décor, mirrors are important as these make your indoor space look bigger and brighter. However, it’s never the same case when it comes to your bedroom.

Mirrors can bounce energy around the room, which can cause you to worry and become restless. Instead of sleeping the moment, your clock hits 9 PM, seeing a mirror hanging on the wall opposite to your bed will only cause your mind to race.

If possible, remove mirrors from your bedroom to ensure that the space remains calm and relaxing. If you find mirrors essential to your bedroom, place them away from the center of the bedroom or areas opposite to your windows. This way, you can still maximize the light reflected by the mirrors without distracting you when you’re trying to sleep on your bed. 

Don’t Treat Your Bedroom As Your Workspace

Your productivity affects the quality of your life. Being able to complete more tasks during the day often translates to achieving more in the long run. However, you should know when to pause as working too much can eventually take a toll on your health. 

Regardless of the number of tasks on your plate every day, you should never bring your work to the bedroom. Treating the room as your workspace can affect your sleep quality. When you bring your laptops and other work essentials in your bedroom, you’ll be tempted to work late instead of sleeping. 


Image: Roman Bozkho | Unsplash

When you lack sleep, your productivity and energy levels will also decrease. It’ll be very difficult for you to properly work the next day if you only slept for two hours (with your laptop) in your bedroom. 

If you want to improve your bedroom’s ambiance, remove work-related items from the space. This can often mean removing your laptop or working station from your bedroom. If you recently installed a floating shelf to keep all of your work-related documents, it’s best to remove it from your bedroom as well. 

Avoid Overstuffing Your Bedroom

As mentioned, the main purpose of your bedroom is for sleep, so make sure to remove any item that doesn’t help you achieve your goal. Overstuffing your bedroom with items for work or leisure will only make the space look cluttered and busy. This can set the wrong tone and prevent you from sleeping soundly. 

When it comes to improving your bedroom’s ambiance, less is always more. You don’t have to fill the room with different trinkets or appliances just to make it functional or appealing. As long as your bedroom has your sleeping essentials, this room can become the comfiest and most calming space in your house! 

Image: @fkaregan | Unsplash

Remain Consistent With Your Efforts

It’d be best to focus on completing one task at a time rather than attempting to do several things in your bedroom at once. Doing the former prevents stress and ensures that the process of working on your bedroom turns out to be fun. 

What are you waiting for?  Roll out your sleeves and free up your time so you can finally improve the ambiance of your bedroom.

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