Timothy DeLaGhetto On Paying Off His Parents’ House | What’s Trending EXCLUSIVE

Shira Lazar got a one-on-one interview with Timothy DeLaGhetto, right after he paid off his parents house and shared the video with the world!
By Chris Menning
  • We sat down with Timothy DeLaGhetto to talk to him about his incredible video where he paid off his parents’ house and got a huge reaction from the Internet.

    “I’m not surprised by the reactions,” DeLaGhetto told What’s Trending. “I knew that whoever watched it would have those reactions. It’s hard not to feel good and cry a little when you see that video. I didn’t expect it to get picked up by so many websites and blogs and I think people were just surprised that I’d do that with my money.”

    His parents reaction, behind the scenes:

    “I was really excited. I think my dad already kind of had an idea because I’ve been talking about it alot and it was impossible to try and surprise them because I had to get their numbers and talk to the bank,” he told us. “I think my mom thought the surprise was that my girlfriend was pregnant. She wasn’t sure what was going on at first and when I told her that it was for the morgtage, that’s when the tears came and I was like, ‘YES, TEARS!'”

    The reason he shared his parents’ reaction with the world:

    “I work this hard because I want to take care of my family and I want to pay off the house,” he told us. “I feel like a lot of people don’t necessarily think about their parents or their families and it’s easy to take them for granted, so when I got to the point where I could do this, I wanted to share it.”

  • Youtuber Timothy DeLaGhetto has been making a good run of this whole professional video blogger gig — so much so that he’s earned enough money to pay off his parents’ house! See Timothy’s original video below!

  • Thank you guys for the love and support, too!!!

    If you want more of my parents, watch my vlogs! youtube.com/theTimothyDeLaGhetto

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    Original Video: https://youtu.be/g5QaUKHvjHo?list=PL37

    Timothy’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TimothyD

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    Edited By: Morgan Tremaine