He’s Bringing Up Men’s Lifestyle on YouTube! | #WebCrushWednesday

YouTube's golden ticket right now, are beauty and lifestyle gurus. Jairwoo brings up mens' lifestyle onto the YouTube scene.
By Mai Linh Nguyen
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    We all know that the hot ticket right now on YouTube are they beauty and fashion vloggers. However, with most successful lifestyle channels, they’re focused on makeup tutorials which leaves men’s lifestyle out of the game. Jairwoo’s channel looks to bring up men’s fashion and lifestyle onto the YouTube scene, while keeping his content friendly and helpful to anyone in this audience.That is why Jair is our web crush this week!


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    Jair is also transparent with his audience, and isn’t afraid to tell them the story of his weight loss journey. In a society where people are being told more and more what kind of body they should have because it’s more socially acceptable, we’re glad to find someone like Jair to turned his health around in a healthy way and for the right reasons!

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    Jair dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle, and even became a yoga instructor!

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    So, while the internet is blooming with makeup tutorials left and wright, we’re glad to see someone is shedding some light on men’s lifestyle on YouTube. Believe it or not, some guys want some help with their style too!

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