Little Girl Sings ‘Let Me Poop’ And Wins Award For Best ‘Let It Go’ Parody

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  • “Let Me Poop” to Disneys Frozen “Let It Go”

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    Emily Mandelbaum has come out with a graphic, yet epic parody to Disney’s hit song “Let It Go,” only she has titled it “Let Me Poop.”

    Some of the lyrics include: “The poop comes out of my butt tonight, no toilet paper to be seen/ A bathroom with nothing to wipe with, there’s no way I’m getting clean. My stomach’s growling with the poop that is inside/ Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I tried.”

    Yes, we’re not making that up. She continues with, “No one come in, no one can see/ Oh my god, now I feel like I have to pee/ I hate how this feels, don’t let them know/ well, now they know/ Let me poop! Let me poop! Can’t hold it in anymore/ Let me poop! Let me poop! I should have closed the door/ I don’t care what they’re going to say/ Let the poop come out/ The smell never bothered me anyway.”

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