Anchor Dan Thorn Does Cringy T.I. Dance on Camera, Uses Tablets As Props

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    West Virginia news anchor Dan Thorn seems like a nice guy, but he’s definitely not a “cool” guy. In this video, he dances, in his anchor chair, to T.I.’s “Where They At Doe?” using tablets as prop eyebrows at one point, and generally embarrassing his co-anchor, Sarah Pisciuneri.

    Unfortunately, since Pisciuneri is a) a woman and b) in a video, she has already had to deal with a slew of negative, disparaging comments, and all she’s doing is freaking sitting there!

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    Sighhhhh — even when the white guy is acting like the goofy ass, he still gets more respect than a female professional. Hopefully Ellen will have both these anchors and T.I. on her show next week, right after she’s done with Alex From Target.

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