Cameron Diaz And The SNL Ladies Are ‘Back Home Ballers’

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  • That’s right, everyone. It’s Monday morning, which means it’s time for Saturday Night Live! You know you don’t watch on Saturday night anymore — nobody has since they were 15! Fortunately, the fine folks at SNL realize it’s 2014, so here are your top sketches from this weekend’s show:

  • Back Home Ballers

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    What happens when Sasheer Zamata, Vanessa Bayer, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Leslie Jones, Cameron Diaz and Lil’ Baby Aidy Bryant go home for Thanksgiving? They get whatever they want provided by their parents.

    In the fine tradition of rapping about things you wouldn’t normally rap about, “Back Home Ballers” features Cameron Diaz’s dad paying for the family to see Penguins of Madagascar, Vanessa Bayer doing a ton of drugs in her childhood room, and Leslie Jones getting presented with all type of bowls.

  • Capitol Hill Cold Open

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    How does a bill become a law? If you were a kid in 1975, you likely found out through Schoolhouse Rock, a Saturday morning cartoon that aimed to educate kids about science, math, history and, of course, the American political process.

    SNL parodied perhaps Schoolhouse Rock’s most famous segment, the “I’m Just A Bill” song. In this version, President Obama pushes a Congressional bill down the steps of Capitol Hill in deference to a cigarette-smoking Executive Order.

    Here’s the original song:

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  • Nest-spresso

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    What if Nespresso actually produced live chicks? Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound much like a concept for a sketch, but it is. It’s the concept for the above sketch.

  • The Fight

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    And Kyle Mooney proves once again why he’s the best with this send-up of every video shot by a high school kid in 1998: he challenges Andy Rydell to a fight, and intercuts it with the best stock footage of cop cars exploding available.

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