Don’t Watch This Honest Trailer on a First Date

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    The Screen Junkies have turned their attention to David Fincher’s creepy 2014 thriller “Gone Girl” in the latest edition of their long-running series “Honest Trailers.”

    BE FOREWARNED: The video, and possibly even the rest of this post unless I’m super-careful, contain massive “Gone Girl” spoilers. So don’t watch (or read) ahead unless you’ve seen the movie. Or read the book. Probably on the beach or in an airport.

    It’s another hilarious “Honest Trailers” entry, but I particularly enjoyed the montage of people insulting Ben Affleck’s character. Or, if you prefer to just go with the fantasy, Ben Affleck.

    This isn’t the first time Screen Junkies have taken an aim at the celebrated Mr. Fincher. Last year, in honor of the film’s 15th anniversary, they ripped apart his ode to blood-stained dress shirts, “Fight Club.”

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