YouTube’s Tech Review Standard | #WebCrushWednesday

MKBHD has some of the web's best tech videos, and he does it all while being a student and athlete.
By Mai Linh Nguyen
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    Chances are, if you’ve done any research before a new phone upgrade – you’ve tried looking up a review on YouTube. If you have, the chances are also pretty high that they’ve been an MKBHD video. Marques Brownlee has been uploading some of the best tech-centric videos online, and he does it all while still being a student and athlete.

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    If you’re wondering why I would write a #WebCrushWednesday post about a channel with over two million subscribers, it’s not because I think Marques needs my help getting his channel exposure. This is just my public announcement letting people know that Marques and his work online are going to go on to do some pretty great things. I’ve been watching his videos since his DroidDog days.

    I’m also writing about Marques because I’m blown away by his work ethic and awareness of his career. I’ve seen many a YouTuber drop school once they see their channel hit an incline. However, Marques has chosen to continue with his studies and I see that paying off for him infinitely in the future.

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    Also, it’s pretty fair to say that no one online makes me feel quite as lazy as Marques does. We’re the same age, and he films, edits, and promotes all his videos himself. All while being a student and avid ultimate frisbee player. And I’m just here, fumbling with balancing my work and school life as most students do. Whether you’re into the latest happenings in technology, I really think Marques is the kind of YouTuber that any young person with online aspirations should be looking up to.