‘Firefly’ Stars Reunite for New Sci-Fi Conventions Series

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  • Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion, two of the stars from dearly departed sci-fi series “Firefly”, are back! The two are working on a new series, based loosely on his and Fillion’s experience attending science fiction conventions. In “Con Man“, Tudyk plays a guy who used to play a pilot on a beloved, and cancelled too soon, sci-fi series. What a stretch!

    Seriously though, if the series is half as funny as this indiegogo campaign video, we’re sold. Tudyk and Fillion are crowdsourcing the series, which will be made of ten minute episodes. There’ve already blown past their initial $425,000 goal and are closing in on their last stretch goal of $1,750,000. Check out the campaign page here for more info.

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