Jason Schwartzman Talks New Film and Prosthetic Penises

"The Overnight" is about parents learning about their children and each other. Also nudity, apparently
By Bailey Johnson
  • Jason Schwartzman and director Patrick Brice came by the Samsung Blogger Lounge at South By Southwest to talk about their new movie, “The Overnight.” It features Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, and a prosthetic penis.

    The film is about two couples with children who befriend each other. And then things get weird, apparently.

    Speaking with Shira Lazar and Burnie Burns, “The Overnight” director Patrick Brice said, “The film’s really about the convergence of four characters and kind of what it brings out in them.”

    But the reason this film is making waves is the much-discussed scene where Schartzman and Scott drop trou in a full frontal nudity scene. Though the actual penises are in fact prosthetic.

    “That was my decision,” says Brice. “It was a story decision.”

    “They’re wonderful,” Schwartzman said of fake phallus. “It’s sort of like slightly more solid memory foam. Almost like tempurpedic. Like tempur-penis.”

    It turns out Schwartzman wasn’t the only person in the interview who’s had experience with a manufactured member. Burnie Burns learned about these for a film of his own. “We found there’s a whole market for these. That guys will wear these to clubs.”

    And of course, no plastic penis conversation can avoid bringing up Mark Wahlburg and his famous scene in “Boogie Nights.” According to Burns, the actor “had to inform future partners: ‘look, that was a prosthetic that I wore in the movie.'”

    “The best was I was rehearsing a scene with Taylor Schilling, and we were in this giant house with a courtyard,” said Brice. “And then I hear this tapping noise and I go to the window and it’s Jason, just full frontal across the courtyard. That was the first time I’d seen it.”

    If you want to see it for yourself, “The Overnight” will be out on June 19th.